Independent Catholic Succession

Foreseeing an imminent break-up of the Liberal Catholic Church International in Canada, Archbishop William Henry Dawe and the Canadian Primate, Peter Wayne Goodrich, elected to erect an international church having no allegiance to the Liberal Catholic Church. Dawe and Goodrich passed a Primate of the LCCI in the USA.  Joseph Neth summoned Archbishop John Shelton Davis of Texas, and on March 16, 1980, in Corona Del Mar, California, with Bishop Donald Lawrence Jolly-Gabriel, consecrated Dawe’s second cousin, the International Legate Canon, the Very Reverend:
  • Bernard Dawe, as first USA Primate and Primus of the Independent Catholic Church International, who on instructions of the LCCI 1980 Synod, on October 18, 1981, consecrated:
  • Francis Thorne-Coley, who on August 20,1998, consecrated:
  • Lee Allen Petersen, who on April 26, 2009 consecrated:
  • Mansell Christian Gilmore, who on January 30, 2011 consecrated:
  • Bryan Dennis Ouellette, Ph.D. in ecclesia, Nicholas III, Patriarch, by acclamation and fiat, Holy Nicholean Catholic Church, Patriarch, by election and acclamation, Holy Imperial Russian orthodox Church in exile.