Roman Catholic Corporate Reunion Succession

The dispute over the validity of Anglican orders produced a desire among some in the Church of England for orders that Rome would be compelled to acknowledge as valid. This desire led to a clandestine attempt to secure indisputable orders for the English clergy. Two priests from the Church of England and one Englishman from the Syrian Patriachate were consecrated in a service that was kept secret, apparently to protect the consecrator. They were Frederick George Lee and Thomas Wimberley Mossman, both Anglican priests, and John Thomas Seccombe, who had been ordained by Ferrette. Subsequently, the three reportedly re-ordained a number of Anglican priests. They called their effort the Order of Corporate Reunion. However, because the effort did not bear the official sanction of the Church of England, and because it seemed intended to manipulate the Roman Church into giving recognition to Anglican orders, the movement failed. The orders conferred, however, were recognized as valid:

  • Ugo Pietro Spinola, a Bishop of the Roman Catholic Church, on June 6,1847, consecrated:

  • Luigi Nazari, subsequently Archbishop of Milano, who in the summer of 1877 consecrated:

  • Frederick George Lee, Thomas Wimberley Mossman and John Thomas Seccombe, for the Order of Corporate Reunion; who, with Richard Williams Morgan, on March 6, 1879, consecrated:

  • Charles Isaac Stevens, Mar Theophilus I, Second British Patriarch of the Patriarchate of Antioch, who on May 4, 1890, consecrated:

  • Leon Chechemian, Mar Leon, who on November 2, 1897, consecrated:

  • Andrew Charles Albert McLaglan, Mar Andries, who on June 4, 1922, consecrated:

  • Herbert James Monzani Heard, Mar Jacobus n, who on June 13, 1943, consecrated:

  • William Bernard Crow, Mar Basilius Abdullah III, who on April 10, 1944, consecrated:

  • Hugh George de Willmott Newman, Mar Georgius I, who on July 6, 1956, consecrated:

  • Charles Dennis Boltwood, who on October 16, 1966, consecrated:

  • Albert J. Fuge, who of May 27, 1972, consecrated:

  • John Lawrence Brown, who on December 31, 1973 consecrated:

  • Donald Lawrence Jolly, who on March 16, 1980, consecrated:

  • Robert Vincent Bernard Dawe, who on October 18, 1981, consecrated:

  • Francis Thorne-Coley, who on August 20, 1998, consecrated:

  • Lee Allen Petersen, who on April 26, 2009 consecrated:

  • Mansell Christian Gilmore, who on January 30, 2011 consecrated:

  • Bryan Dennis Ouellette, Ph.D., in ecclesia, Nicholas III, Patriarch, by acclamation and fiat, Holy Nicholean Catholic Church, Patriarch, by election and acclamation, Holy Imperial Russian Orthodox Church in exile.