The Syrian-Antiochene Succession

The Gospel was first preached in Antioch in Syrian by Jewish Converts returning there from Jerusalem after the Day of Pentecost and afterwards by refugees who fled Jerusalem during the persecution at the time of the martyrdom of St. Stephen.  Some years later, St. Barnabas fetched St. Paul from Tarsus and they went to Antioch, being called to the Apostleship: “And the disciples were called Christians first at Antioch” (Acts 11:26) then taking it to Rome and consecrated as his successor in Antioch, St. Evodius who was in turn succeeded by St. Ignatius, called “Theophoros.”  The 125th Patriarch of Antioch, counting from St. Peter, was Ignatius Jacobus II (1847-1872), upon whose instructions:
  • Mar Ignatius Peter in, Syrian-Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch, then Metropolitan of Emesa (Horns) on June 2, 1866, consecrated:
  • Raimond Ferrette, Mar Julius, Bishop of lona, who, on March 6, 1874, consecrated: 
  • Richard Williams Morgan, Mar Pelagius I, First British Patriarch of the Patriarchate of Antioch, who on March 6, 1879, consecrated:
  • Charles Isaac Stevens, Mar Theophilus I, Second British Patriarch, who on May 4, 1890, consecrated:
  • Leon Chechemian, Mar Leon, Archbishop of Selsey, who on November 2, 1897, consecrated:
  • Andrew Charles Albert McLaglan, Mar Andries, Fourth British Patriarch, who on  June 4, 1922, consecrated:
  • Herbert James Monzani Heard, Mar Jacobus II, Fifth British Patriarch, who on June 13, 1943 consecrated:
  • William Bernard Crow, Mar Basilius Abdullah III, Patriarch of Antioch of the Ancient  Orthodox Catholic Church, who on April 10, 1944, consecrated:
  • Hugh George de Willmott Newman, Mar Georgius I, Patriarch of Glastonbury, Catholicos of the West, Sixth British Patriarch, who on July 6, 1956, consecrated sub-condition by way of additional commission:
  • Charles Dennis Boltwood, who on October 16, 1966, consecrated:
  • Albert J. Fuge, who of May 27, 1972, consecrated:
  • John Lawrence Brown, who on December 31, 1973, consecrated:
  • Donald Lawrence Jolly, who on March 16, 1980, consecrated:
  • Robert Vincent Bernard Dawe, for the Independent Catholic Church International, Archbishop of California and later ICCI Primate of the USA and International Primus, who on October 18, 1981, consecrated:
  • Francis Thorne-Coley of San Antonio, Texas, for the Community of the Companions of St. Francis, who on August 20,1998, consecrated:
  • Lee Allen Petersen, who on who on April 26, 2009 consecrated:
  • Mansell Christian Gilmore, who on January 30, 2011 consecrated:
  • Bryan D. Ouellette, Ph.D., in ecclesia, Nicholas III, Patriarch, by acclamation and fiat, Holy Nicholean Catholic Church, Patriarch, by election and acclamation, Holy Imperial Russian Orthodox Church in exile.